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S Therapy Method ~ Muscle Release and Structural Alignment for every horses need.

Bucklicious Designs ~ Specializing in Gorgeous handmade accessories.

Elite Feet Farrier Services ~ reliable, professional, efficient and effective.

Melindas Sun Scarves & Horse Tail Bags ~ protect yourself from sun in a fun & fashionable way.

I believe in leading through compassion. Leadership needs to become synonymous with collaboration, cooperation, kindness, generosity, community, engagement, creativity, and innovation. I think we all want to live in a world where people work together to achieve their own personal definitions of success.

When you lift as you climb, you feel good about being part of the success of others around you. You actually learn from their successes and failures and they learn from yours.

It is our mission to lead others to success through collaboration and also to build a company for our team in which we can thrive as individuals and as a business. We support the “crazy” notion that you can help others at the same time as you help yourself.


There are many desirable benefits of collaboration. Projects and dreams get launched faster when people come together with common goals, risk is reduced when responsibility is shared, and there are more ways to engage and recognize sponsors. Overall, the end result of any dream raised through collaboration and partnership can be much bigger and better than you may have achieved on your own.

If you are planning your next project, launch, or turning your big idea and dream into reality, looking to find new ways of bringing on meaningful partners and feel that "Horsemanship with Lisa" may be good fit for your products, business and vision, we would love to hear from you.

                                                      Lisa x

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S Therapy Method is Equine Muscle Release & Structural Alignment for every horses need!
Steve is an accomplished horseman with over 55 years in the industry of Horses. He is a multiple Maiden, Progressive/Novice and Open Campdraft winner, and has bred and trained multiple winning horses in Campdrafting, Challenges, Polocrosse and Racing, and is an Open Panel judge for the Australian Campdrafting Association.

Throughout his career, Steve has trained & re-educated hundreds if not thousands of horses for outside clients.
Steve has over 35 years of experience in the field of Muscle Release & Structural Alignment and has gained hundreds of success stories from clientele, brought hundreds of horses back into the Winners Circle and has given literally Thousands of Horses a second chance in life with his S Therapy Method.

Lisa ~ "I have been using S Therapy Method with my horses for over 30 years".

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Bucklicious Designs provides fun, affordable earrings, necklaces and jewellery online, Facebook & Instagram.


Passionate about quality and creativity you are guaranteed an endless collection if accessories with Bucklicious Designs.

Handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand- we ship worldwide and cater for everybody’s needs. If your looking for products that are versatile then look no further.

Lisa ~ "I have been wearing Bucklicious Designs for the last 5 years, it's fun, unique and funky" 

Elite Feet Farrier Services.

Professional, Reliable, Efficient and Effective.

Servicing the North Burnett Region, QLD, Australia.

"When the difference between winning or losing depends on your horse’s speed and athleticism, every measure you can take to ensure your horse’s health and safety is paramount.

Caring for your horse’s feet is far more than slapping four metal shoes on the hooves and calling it a day!
In this case, Barrel racers should know the importance of getting the horse’s hoof care just right, because it can make or break your performance. A comfortable horse will always perform better."

Lisa ~ "James & I came created the name Elite Feet Farrier Services and I am confident knowing that my horses are shod in a comfortable and correct manner every time".

Melinda's Sun Scarves & Tail Bags

Sun scarves are a fantastic way to protect yourself from the sun in a fun and fashionable way.

Lisa ~ "I have been wearing these great Sun Scarves and now matching scrunchies for about 12 months now and I love them. Especially out riding and when running around at Clinics and events, they a great way to reduce that UV exposure."

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