Mental Grit ~ what is it actually?

Updated: May 20

There are new competitors blooming, everywhere. Even the most competitive edge needs sharpening, it’s a constant work in progress. Which brings me to this, if you knew the power of a negative thought you would never let them enter your mind. Let’s dig deeper….

If you have been following me for awhile, or a number of years, you would know that I LOVE trying to inspire and motivate others, I LOVE IT, I have a passion for it. So let’s get started shall we?

How often have you self sabotaged, run yourself down, overthought absolutely You tell yourself you’re useless, the horse always does everything right (definitely not so), you allow others to get in your head, you laugh off half smart comments or insults but inside it cuts like a knife, you have lost confidence after having a baby, you’ve been or are in an abusive/narcissistic relationship, you deal with bullying both on the computer and at competitions (we all know it goes on) and sometimes it’s a simple as your cup just overfloweth …… the list could go for days but you get the picture.

So now I want you to take a moment to think about how much time and space thinking about whatever negative self talk you have going on, takes up in your mind… Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Shocking, isn’t it? When you think about all the time you spend focusing on the small stuff, and it is small stuff. The stuff that at the end, we shouldn’t even be thinking about, however I want to address and drive home, that this kind of negative self chatter will only result in one feeling – regret.

Here’s a little bit more research for you (I don’t make this up, feel free to do your own research to clarify). There have been many studies conducted where the older generation have been asked “what their biggest regret in life is”, I’ve researched and read through many a case study, and the following shows up in just about every single study I’ve read, in some form or another.

1# Spending too much time worrying

2# Not taking enough chances

3# Not taking care of their body

4# Wasting time not appreciating the body you’re in

5# Worrying about other peoples opinions

6# Ignoring your personal happiness

7# I wish I pursued my dreams and aspirations, and not the life others expected of me

Hundreds of thousands, probably millions into the billions of elderly people having the same regrets…. Any of these sound familiar? If you say no you’re either too young yet or you’re telling a porky.

LIFE IS SHORT. And what we focus on matters. IT MATTERS EVERY SINGLE DAY!! And we, as in me, myself and I, are the only ones that have the power to change the course of my life. Read that out aloud “ME, MYSELF AND I, ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF MY LIFE!

Now people have said, “Well it’s alright for you, Lisa”…. What is though?? I am no different than anyone else, I just do the work. I drop the ball, I fail, I have shit days, but I pick myself up and keep going because I realise that those are only moments and I get to choose.

You see we live in an instant gratification society, and in this sense we have often cultivated bad habits for so long they’ve become the norm and we no longer know how to make changes that are sustainable over extended periods of time.

Really we don’t think about what we are doing as a bad habit, we have a tendency to just complain about how terrible life is and how bad things are instead of being proactive. It’s the nature of the beast.

Developing MENTAL GRIT, is no different to setting a goal, making a plan around the goal, ensuring that you follow the plan, adjust as required and continue towards said goal. It is a constant work in progress (note how that keeps showing up in my musings). MENTAL GRIT: mental /ˈmɛnt(ə)l/ adjective: mental 1. relating to the mind. "mental faculties"

grit /ɡrɪt/ noun: grit 2. courage and resolve; strength of character.

Confused?? Well you wont be for long!!

You see, this all ties in with some of subjects I cover in my Clinics and online Coaching programs, “Foundations, Mindset and Focus – The Rider”.

Everyone is a beginner in the beginning, everything is hard when we first start to learn, but just like with babies trying to stand and walk, it gets easier and before you know it they’re up running around, into everything, running you ragged and it’s no longer days of sitting around watching them stand up, fall, repeat… ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IN LIFE TAKES WORK.

If you are after a magic pill or overnight result you my friend are in the wrong place, Sorry!!! we only work, kick butt and continue to grow around here….. But how do I start??

  • Create a clear vision/goal

  • Focus on the passion that is driving you to achieve the goal, your why

  • Don’t discount the small steps

  • DO THE WORK, as required, every day

  • Develop consistent habits (umm work)

  • Seek those who fan your flames (remove toxic people, asap!)

  • Rinse, lather, wash and repeat!!

When we take ownership of our lives, when we understand that we have stood in our own way, but we have the ability to make that change, you will feel so empowered, you can be unstoppable, if you choose to be…

Developing a MENTAL GRIT is no different to developing new habits, it takes??? You guessed it, work.

It’s not about quitting or giving up when you “feel” (it’s actually just an emotion, but more on that later) like you’ve reached a point you can no longer deal with said issue, what it is about, is developing new ways to adapt to your circumstances, we’ve got to do things right. Have the grit to stay in the game but be flexible in your attempt to correct a situation according to your idea of “right.”

Developing Mental Grit is a quality that is essential for our personal growth. It is where we get to choose, we make proactive choices and take full ownership of those choices and then take responsibility of the consequences of those choices, both good and bad. It’s where we learn to manage our emotions, because Grit is what separates successful people from their competition.

Grit can be not knowing what to do, but doing it anyway. It is endurance, conviction, and courage. Developing MENTAL GRIT allows you to say good bye to self-limiting beliefs and the negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goals.

It does not mean that you don’t have days where you don’t question your sanity and if you are doing things right, we’re human, not robots. What it does give you is the ability to sail your ship out of the harbour and know that despite the storm, that’s what ships are built for.

It’s knowing and having the determination to follow your Passion and persevering for long term goals. It’s having stamina, sticking with your future, day in and day out. Grit entails working toward challenges, maintaining effort and interest over years despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress.

The power is within you, to make the choice, the question is do you want the change bad enough??

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