Let's talk about struggle and failure.

Updated: May 20

Let's talk about struggle and failure.

Somedays life feels like a constant struggle... Life, work, people and everything in between. The best thing about struggle is that no one misses out regardless of who they think they are, it's just that at the first sign of it a lot of people quit.

Struggle either builds and shapes ones character or allows it to shine through the highlight reels for what is already set into concrete.

It's the struggles that you go through and how you deal with it, that determines whether or not you will succeed in whatever you want to, in life.

Is your glass half full or half empty, is this just a challenge and stepping stone or does life suck and everything bad always happens to you?

Failure... I honestly don't even like the word, I believe it's used out of context. It's not actually failing unless you give up.

Take time to let that sink in, unless you throw in the towel and give up, you haven't failed. It's a learning curve, it's a growth phase, it's character building, it's teaching you to navigate through all the shit that happens in life so that you can find success. It is part of the struggle!

Many have this misconception, this incorrect belief, that failure is taboo and shouldn't be discussed because it's embarrassing. And I'll be the first to break it to you that, that is the ego taking over.

Need some encouragement that you're not alone? Truthfully, I've "failed" more times than most people have even thought about starting.

Because I refuse to settle for anything less than knowing at least I dived in, gave it all I had then worked out I needed to change the route towards the goal, or that it wasn't for me and again I needed to try a different angle, a different approach.

Does it make me a loser? No, only in the eyes of the people I don't want in my life anyway.

I see so many people posting things that are a reflection of how much they are hurting, how much they have been hurt, how much the fear of what other people think or could be thinking, is holding them back...

Here's my advice. I've supported, been there for people and sacrificed for them more than many people would ever consider doing the same for me.. I've also made the decision to remove people from my life that brought nothing but disrepute, negativity and toxicity to the table.

Understand that some people never want to grow, never want to learn the lesson, they will never recognize their mistakes or acknowledge their faults and admit they were wrong and you will never see an apology from them and that's ok.

As long as you recognize and understand you no longer have to put up with it. It had nothing to do with you, so don't allow the energy vampires, negative nellys and toxic people have so much input into your life.

Also understand that stepping outside your comfort zone and just striving for your dreams will bring you across the path of some of the most amazing, incredible, awe inspiring and beautiful souls you will ever meet and you will know with 100% certainty that they are your people. You see when you make the shift for yourself, remove the toxicity from your life, change your frequency, your vibe truly does begin to attract your tribe, your people.

The struggle shapes and defines your character, the failures are stepping stones on your way to success, not the end game. Don't listen to the haters and critics or be afraid to remove the toxic people from your life because when you do you make room for your true tribe.

This is your life, you get one shot at it, don't spend it living inside someone else's box.

I discuss more about this at my Clinics and in the private coaching packages.

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