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The Confidence Building, Horsemanship & Barrel Racing Clinics are designed for beginners, intermediate or advanced riders interested in building or continuing to build, a solid foundation, not only for themselves but also for their horse or horses.


I believe it is a key for success in any discipline, in fact it is key to have a successful relationship with your horse full stop.

Whether you are a:


  • Newbie interested in starting out, but don’t really know where to actually start;

  • Suffer from nerves, anxiety and lose focus before and during competition;

  • Want to brush up on horsemanship skills and perhaps learn something new;

  • Serious competitor that has been out of the game for a while;

  • Stuck in a rut;

  • Lost confidence in yourself or your horse;

  • Self-sabotaging and/or over-analyzing;

  • Want to learn create long lasting habits to maintain a fitter, healthier you;

  • Keen to develop a solid mindset and ability to focus under pressure.

Regardless of your current situation or riding level, I am committed to helping you get results!

For me it’s all about helping you build a stronger bond, understanding and connection with your horse. Helping build or rebuild your confidence, assisting to build or re-building your horses confidence, breaking through barriers, assisting you with your horse, demonstrating basic foundations, demonstrating corrective methods and so much more.


The purpose of education should be to enhance and improve one’s life, and working with others certainly does that for me.

I approach how I run my clinics in a number of different ways, irrespective of your riding level or what discipline you favour, the knowledge that I share can be utilised in most any discipline.


That’s why a diverse range of key components that are part of building your winning combination and what that means to you is covered, this includes but is not limited to:

  • S Therapy Method Divine Balance Points – covering the importance of overall health and soundness: Teeth & Head, Muscles & Body, Hooves, Diet & Nutrition.

  • Confidence Building

  • Health & Well-being

  • Foundations, Mindset and Focus - The Rider

  • Horsemanship, Foundations and Groundwork - The Horse

  • Back to Basics, Fundamentals and Common Problems

  • Patterns, Drills and Corrective Methods

  • Calm Horse, Sound Horse, Long career

  • Conditioning, Pre and Post runs, hauling

  • Evaluating the source of problems

  • Goal Setting, Motivation, Rewiring how we think about success and MORE!!!

Coming from a background where I have ridden and/or competed in Campdrafting, Gymkhanas, Rodeo, Barrel Racing, TB Racing, Sprint Racing, Working Stock horse and so on.

I came to recognise early on that the basic fundamentals are what set that solid foundation for your horse, and solid foundations quite often give you a calm, trainable, manageable, enjoyable and sound horse. And by following these basic principles you’re giving your horse an opportunity to have a long career.

I am passionate about helping you and am committed to helping you get results that are sustainable when used correctly and consistently, so that you can continue to improve after you go home. The methods that I am able to share provides knowledge that can give you direction and help to achieve the vision that you have for your life.

I will share how I train my horses in a particular way and why I continue to achieve training calm, level headed horses that have long careers and how you can customise what you learn to achieve similar results for yourself.

I’ll also share my personal equine customised Goal Setting workbook that will give you tools to prioritise your goals, map out a plan, grow, evolve, and become a better version of yourself.

We are taking bookings all over Australia and Internationally for 2021.

If you are interested in hosting one near you, please click the "Host a Clinic today" button below.


COVID - 19

In response to the Federal Government and health authorities’ advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), Rocking Horse Paint N Performance Stud alongside “Horsemanship with Lisa” regret to inform all our valued clients that all Clinics, Private and Group lessons, are postponed until further notice.


Whilst some establishments are still allowing activities provided strict guidelines are adhered to, we want to reiterate our primary focus is our valued clients, their horses and everyone’s safety and well-being. Due to the increasing lock down measures being introduced and enforced, and for the safety of everyone moving forward into the continuing unknown abyss that is Covid-19, we made the decision based on what we feel is the best outcome for our clients and their families.

With that being said please note that we will continue to do as required in the best interests of everyone involved, until such times as our industry is allowed to return to some form of normality. We will then re-schedule with Clubs and set new dates for Clinics and recommence private and group lesson bookings.


In the meantime, all my beautiful clients already booked in for Clinics that were scheduled, I am offering you all two (2) Video Assessments (valued at $60 per video) as part of your Clinic booking. Because I am passionate about helping you and am committed to helping you get results that are sustainable when used correctly and consistently, so that you can continue to improve I want to ease the frustration and disappointment by allowing you to get a head start, it will allow us to begin building a relationship and an understanding of how the other works.

This will give you the opportunity to see both you and your horses growth and improvement as you progress through the lessons. You will be able to work on evaluating the source of problems you may be experiencing, discover corrective methods and so much more, should you be open to it.


Here are just some of the benefits of Online Coaching utilising "Horsemanship with Lisa" that you may experience.


✅ Not having to leave your home, saving time and money!


✅ Fully intensive One on One time with your Coach.


✅ Advice and Instructions personally tailored to and your horse, just like at a Clinic, but with the convenience of not having to travel out of your own backyard.


✅ Eliminating frustration of not knowing what to do next.


✅ Learning how to build or rebuild confidence and break through barriers for both you and your horse, thus becoming more confident in the arena.


✅ Discovering bad habits you didn’t even know you existed.


✅ Learn about back to basics, fundamentals, common problems and corrective methods.


✅ Learn how to develop a solid mindset and ability to focus under pressure.


✅ Learn how to create long lasting habits to maintain a fitter, healthier you.


✅ Fast-track your progress with your horse with the convenience of being able to send a video when you need to.


✅ Having a video you can watch over and over to get the most out of each lesson.


✅ Being held accountable by your coach to get the most of your coaching experience.


✅ Create a goal plan, learn about Motivation, Rewire how you think about success and much MORE!!!


If you are not booked into one of the Clinics that has been postponed and you are interested in booking a video assessment, please visit


If you are booked into a Clinic, please go to                                  to schedule in your video assessments.

Thankyou, we appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this difficult time.