| Horsemanship with Lisa Sutton | Equine Clinician, Instructor and Horse Trainer |

I have a background of life on the land having grown up on cattle stations in Western Qld, Australia and have ridden and competed on horses since I could sit on one. I have a combination of valuable knowledge gained from numerous disciplines ranging from Campdrafting, Gymkhana, Barrel Racing, Rodeo, Halter Showing, TB Racing, Sprint Racing, Challenges, Working Stock Horse, and have competed successfully in most. I have also spent a lot of time breaking in, training and presenting sale horses for clients, handling weanlings & yearlings, as well as providing private tutoring.

I am a professional trainer assessor and have extensive experience in differing industries such as Mining, Emergency Response, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Hospitality, Business, Travel and more. I of course love many things that don't involve horses, but they are some of the best and most beautiful gifts in my life.

Fast forward to 2019 as I write, I am proud to be able to share all of the knowledge I have gathered over the best part of 30 + years from my own experiences, learning curves and successes both in and outside of the Equine Industry.

I have gained a lot of knowledge that has been passed down from my parents who are also very successful horse people, to numerous other trainers, horsemen and people in general that I’ve been able to spend time with along the way.

Work and other commitments haven’t allowed me as much time to travel and compete in the Rodeo events as I would like, which can be exceedingly frustrating. Despite training all my own horses with very limited time, it has not detracted from my ability to produce winning runs on calm, level headed horses. I have won and placed in multiple different equine disciplines throughout my career.

One example I can remember vividly was in 2014, after only being able to attend 6 Queensland Rodeo Association events, my achievements for the year were 3rd Steer Undecorating and 4th All Round Cowgirl. In the Gold Star Series I won 2nd Steer Undecorating, 2nd Barrel Race and 2nd for All Round Cowgirl. You see I work away from home a lot, 7 on 7 off which often keeps me from competing at as many events as those that don't work the roster I do, for the last 10 years at least I have sacrificed a lot due to this scenario.

Whilst I certainly don’t claim to be an expert at everything, what all my experience has allowed me to do, is to develop the ability to deliver information that when used correctly can set you and your horse up not only for a lifetime of fun, but also with the ability to problem solve and correct issues that may arise throughout your journey.


I believe it's important to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve not only for yourself but also for your horse and it's my intention to assist you and help you achieve the results you desire, whether you are just starting out or have lost your confidence.

If you are struggling with self-sabotage, are an advanced rider that is simply interested to hear another persons point of view, or stuck in a rut... The list is endless, but regardless of where you are at, I look forward to meeting you and your horse and assisting you through your journey.